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Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant is coming to Bentonville on August 24th-Micah and I are going–I’m so excited! I would really like to go to the Michael W. Smith concert at the Walton Arts Center, but the cheapest ticket is 45.00 and I don’t have that much extra to spend, even if it’s for MWS…….but I am sooo excited about Ms. Grant!! She has been my favorite ever since her first album…..oh yeah, and this is how I want my hair done the next time I get it done.



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We had a great weekend! We went on Saturday to my …

We had a great weekend! We went on Saturday to my brother and sister in law’s to see Ethan. I don’t have pictures yet, but hope to have some up soon. After that, we went to BabiesRUs and I found the stroller I wanted to get. YAY! We will probably go get it in a few months….then went to Best Buy, where a guy was backing up to get a spot and we were right behind him and he ran into us. Cracked my Razorback license plate in the front…now I have to get a new one.
Yesterday, we went to lunch with my cousin and Aunt at Jose’s and then last night, we went to see my sister in laws new engagement ring. It is beautiful!! We are so excited for her and this next month is going to go by so fast for them and then they’ll be married!:)
Have a great Monday.

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I am in a blog rut. I don’t know what to talk abou…

I am in a blog rut. I don’t know what to talk about. It’s almost the start of a new season in the Laney home. Haven starts pre-school on August 22nd and Micah and I are trying to re-organize the house, deep clean, and I am trying to figure out how in the world to landscape the front a bit. I know nothing about it, but it would be fun and the outside of the duplex needs a facelift.

In other news, my sister in law is getting married!!! In two months!!! September 21st is the big day. We are so excited for her and Houston (her fiance) and Cambron. Houston is a great brother in law already and we have enjoyed getting to know him thus far. We are now in the preperation mode and trying to get showers together for her and Houston to get new stuff for their house!!:) Should be fun!

Baby Laney is doing good I guess. I am almost 18 weeks. Just enjoying BBQ these days, which amazingly, my mother in law made BBQ brisket Sunday for lunch and it was soooo good!!

That’s all for now.

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Courtesy of Stephanie

**Four jobs I have had in my life:
Budgetext (book warehouse I worked in in the summer w. no air conditioner)
Wal-Mart Benefits as a data enterer and later as a supervisor for 5 years.
Legacy Mortgage as a loan processor assistant/office assistant.

**Movies you could watch over again:
Up Close and Personal
Just Married
The Notebook
You’ve Got Mail

**Four Places You’ve Lived:
Fayetteville, AR.
Springdale, AR.
Lowell, AR.
Farmington, AR.

**Four TV shows you love to watch:
Grey’s Anatomy
Friends re-runs
Gilmore Girls
American Idol

**Four places you have been on vacation:
Orlando, FL.
Atlanta, GA.
Ensenada Mexico

**Websites you visit daily:

**Four of my favorite foods:
My mother in laws cinnamon rolls
Baked potato from McAlister’s
My mom’s potato casserole and my dad’s steak (in the same meal)
Skillets from Silver Dollar City

**Four places you’d rather be right now:
At the beach
In Colorado with Micah and Haven
At home w/ Haven
At Barnes and Noble by myself w/ a frappuccino and magazines.

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Another picture Stephanie took of Haven at t…

Another picture Stephanie took of Haven at the lake with Stephanie’s sunglasses on….. Posted by Picasa

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So, this number is the number of weeks until baby Laney #5 comes. (three are w/ Jesus) I actually have never thought of it that way, but I am starting to. The fact that there truly was life in me, for no matter how short of time, it was the life the Lord gave me for that short time. Anyway, we find out August 15th what we are having. I am almost 17 weeks, and I am starting to feel good. We are so excited and grateful. The due date is the date we lost our last one, January 8th, but we are going to have a scheduled C-section and are going to do it at the end of December, for tax reasons/deductible.:)
God has taught us a lot through our experiences and through just believing and trusting in Him. My mom has said over and over that she feels like this is the year of restoration for our family. (my parents, Micah and I and Haven, and my brother and his wife) So, we are claiming that for our family and we know that the Lord has awesome things in store for us, starting with this new life that is growing (awesomely I might add) within me. We didn’t want to say anything for awhile, but I thought that I would break it to the WWW now.
We started when I first found out (I was about 4 weeks) with shaky feet, and then at 8 weeks, we were able to do an ultrasound and hear the heart beat. All looked and sounded great. We then were able to hear the heart beat once a month and things are going well. The first few months I didn’t feel well at all, so we were all encouraged.:) I am starting to feel good again and am enjoying ‘showing’ some.
I know a few of you know our news, and some don’t, but thank you for praying and interceding for our family during the whole process of grief, frustration, and loss, and now to the season of joy, happiness, and life. Thank you for your continued prayers for this pregnancy and this life. We are so thankful for our dear friends and family who lift us up and we love you all!
So, that’s the Laney household lately. We have been looking at names and talking some about it–Haven will find out she’s a big sister after we find out what we are having in a few weeks. I know she’ll be so excited!:)
Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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I’m an Aunt

I am an aunt. My sister in law, Jill, had her sweet baby boy, Ethan Paul on Monday late, almost Tuesday morning. He weighed 6 lbs. and 14 oz. and is 20 in. long. I don’t have any pictures yet, but I will post them as soon as I do. We are going to go to Tulsa this weekend to see them. I’m so excited!!:)

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