We’re Back

Atlanta was great! We had a blast. It’s so good to be home.
Some highlights:
*IKEA-my favorite of the trip, besides of course seeing the Braves. This was a warehouse where they sell products from Sweden at a really inexpensive price. They had all their products showcased on the top floor (furniture, accessories, ect.) and then you would write down what you wanted on the paper they gave you and then go down to the first floor and get what you want. They also have a lot of kitchen things, rugs, bed spreads, ect. Pretty much anything you could need. Micah and I got a 6 foot rug, a clock, and some cannisters for 50.00. The lady in front of us in line to pay, got her stuff free. It was fun! (www.ikea.com)
*Braves/Turner Field-need I say more? Micah was in heaven, I was just there, but it was really fun! They lost the first game we went to, and then won the second game we went to, wich was good, b.c we had to wait through an hour rain delay to finish the game. We ended up not getting back to the hotel until around 11:30 after both games.
*Georgia Aquarium-this was fun, a bit crowded, but it was really neat. Haven would have loved it, and we had a good time seeing all the animals and different aquariums. They had one aquarium that was all around the room and on the ceiling, so everywhere you looked, there was water and fishes.
*Coca-Cola Museum-this was neat. The first Coca-Cola was ‘invented’ in the 1800’s. We then got to sample all of the different brands of Coca-Cola (Fanta, Barg’s, Dasani, Ect.) as well as those from around the world. (some weird stuff from Mozambique, and other weird beverages, all from Coke) It was really fun and interesting. We also got to see all the commercials since forever ago. It was neat to see from when I was little the ones I remember watching, all the way up to now. I enjoy the Christmas ones with Santa Clause the most. Anyway, it was neat to see.
*Olympic Park-this was where the famous Olympic bombing took place, but other than that, it was a really neat place. Very clean-they had people laying out, some brought their lap tops and sat in the shade to work. There was also a big fountain that kids can play in, and so there were many kids playing in the fountains, people having picnics–it was a neat atmosphere.
*Malls-they had some really nice malls on the ‘ritzier’ side of dowtown, with stores like: Barneys New York, Versace, COACH, Gucci, ect. We went into Barney’s to look and they had a clearance rack in the mens section. We were a bit excited, but didn’t have our hopes up. Micah found a t-shirt that was on clearance for 85.00. There was another dress long sleeve collar shirt for 125.00. Aghh! A highlight was when we went into the Juicy Courture store and I found some camo pants for Haven. 125.00!!! Crazy. It was fun looking though and realizing that the Britney’s, Angelina, and Jessica’s world do spend that much money on themselves and their kids!
*Chick Fil A and Starbucks-these were on nearly every corner. There were more Chick Fil A’s around than there were McDonald’s. (Georgia is where CFA is founded) There was also Starbucks on every corner, so that was nice!
*Not so fun-smog alerts due to so much traffic-the humidity was horrible-it was 95, but the heat index was like 110. The traffic wasn’t too bad-Micah did an awesome job!!

We had a great time and Haven had a good time with both nana’s and bapa’s. She didn’t ask for us once. (which is such a blessing) But we sure missed her.
There is nothing like NWA. We had fun, but we missed this area, little things like 2 lane highways instead of 6 or 7. The far left lane was reserved for people with 2 or more people in their car, to encourage people to car pool more…..weird. They also didn’t allow fireworks in Atlanta. Not sure why….they did have a big fireworks show at one of their malls, but we watched it on TV in our hotel room. It was nice since it rained that night.
Hope everyone’s holiday weekend turned out good.


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