Pool Party

We went to the Gray’s house last night for a pool party with some other friends from church. Haven had a blast swimming. I think she has swam every day this week so far. I think today we are going to take a break. But she decided she wanted to climb up the slide and go down. She did that several times and finally I said ‘Haven, are you going to go down?’ And she said ‘No mom, I was just kidding’ as she climbed back down the slide. She finally went down a few times when someone caught her in the water and another held her hand as she went down. (I was not one of the helpers, as I had the luxury of holding baby Copeland as he slept) She then came over and said ‘Mommy, I need to go potty, I have poo poo and it’s halfway out’. I about laughed right there, but she was so serious, so we ran to the bathroom and it ended up she didn’t have any and didn’t even need to go. Kids these days….It was fun and enjoyable, but we were both tired when we got home, as was Micah, since he had to work late and missed the party altogether. It has already been a long week and it’s only Wednesday.
I am excited however, Stephanie’s cousin Mindi, the one whose name is over to the right of this post, is going to possibly be taking some pictues of us, Haven, and my growing belly. I’m excited. The last time we had family pictures was when Haven was a year old. We look forward to it and meeting Mindi, although I feel like I already know her from her blog…..should be a fun time. She is such a good photographer. I am not, however, I do enjoy taking pics of Haven…


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