Blessed are the feet….(and candy)

These are a few pictures from a birthday party we went to a week ago. They always have a pinata to break, due to their heritage, so it’s always fun for Haven to get candy. (as she doesn’t get any at home) The sweet little girl is the birthday girl, Brightly.
Also, her sweet foot is a picture she took on Saturday when Ms. Mindi was here to take her picture. She got a bit bored and decided to take a picture of just about everything. I love her little feet! I pray that one day she will use them for His kingdom!!


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  1. mindi11

    Haven was too funny with that camera. My favorite part was when she was taking the picture of you and Micah and she said, “Okay, don’t just STARE into the camera!” she’s a true photographer 😉

    #1 how did the ultrasound go???
    #2 there is a little sneak peek of your session on my photoblog. (

    just 3 pictures, but they are kind of fun, i think. 😉 your album will probably be ready tomorrow, or tonight if my kids let me get anything done today.

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