Baby Laney

We have no name yet, although we have some time…..he has been moving a lot, so that’s been fun. Instead of watching TV in bed, Micah and I wait for him to kick us.:) It’s been such a blast. It’s been so long since we have done this (Haven will be 4 on Monday) so it has really been a blessing.
Haven and I have gotten into somewhat of a routine, now that she is in preschool and I am working 1/2 days. We (or I rather) are into naps lately, so we come home, eat lunch and then take a nap. Then we head to the gym with my aunt and work out. It’s been fun! I am really looking forward to staying home with this next one, although, as always, I would love to be able to do something from home, just to earn a little extra. Anyone know of any ideas, let me know.


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  1. Jennifer Brewer

    kara- i am so happy for you and your family’s little bundle of joy! besides the yucky sickness, i really enjoyed being pregnant and all the movement. i took lots of naps, too and i still enjoy them with sophie sometimes!

    have a great day!

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