A harmless crush??

Okay, so everytime I go to the mall these days, I find myself staring at the huge, 6 foot poster of Patrick Dempsey (oh yeah, and Ellen Pompeo, aka ‘Meredith’) in the window of New York and Co. It’s so sad, because I seem to do a double take every time. (they have changed the picture of them several times for variety I suppose) I guess it’s just a harmless crush, and hopefully not borderline obesession, although Micah may disagree with me.:) Haven and I were window shopping in the mall this afternoon and I window shopped a little too long at that particular window, that I wasn’t even watching where I was going. Good thing there wasn’t too many people there, as I would’ve run into someone!! That’s quite sad, considering I’m HAPPILY married and am 28 and have almost 2 children. DEFINITELY a harmless crush.



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2 responses to “A harmless crush??

  1. Anonymous

    A harmless crush indeed! Even if you are not a Grey’s fan or a Patrick Dempsey fan it is hard not to stare at the picture of him in that window. I’m with you girl.

  2. Micah

    McDreamy is SO hot!

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