Princess Who??

She does look like quite the princess, although, after this was taken, it was her bedtime and she threw a major fit (as Micah is out of town, and I guess she thinks she ‘can’) and hid under her bed. As my belly is not getting any smaller, I couldn’t go under there and get her and, needless to say, it was a long, drawn out process, complete with a spanking or two and talking it out and then the lovey dovey stuff at the end…..ANYWAY, she is a princess in these pictures and my cousin Erin made her the outfit for her birthday. She is into posing these days, I just put the camera up there and she goes at it. It’s been fun to watch her as she does get older and more ‘into her own’.
I truly love her, no matter how high maintenance she is!:) Keeps her mom and dad on their toes.



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3 responses to “Princess Who??

  1. Nelson

    Very awesome pictures! Emma, too, has been into wearing her princess outfits and dancing. It’s great photo opportunities!

    In fact, she’s now so accostomed to having a camera pointed at her, she actually asked me the other day: “Daddy, did you get the picture?”

  2. Jennifer Brewer

    what a sweetie and i love the princess skirt! that gives me all kinds of ideas. ilove tulle!!

  3. Mirjam

    My oh my…. you will be in so much trouble when she gets bigger… she is just adorable!
    Natalie loves her kitchen (at 6 she still plays with hers!)

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