Oh, I can hardly wait!!

Exactly one week until my favorite show is on with all new episodes….Grey’s Anatomy. We can finally find out Meredith’s big decision…who she is going to choose. Oh the drama. I can hardly contain myself!:)



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3 responses to “Oh, I can hardly wait!!

  1. Mirjam

    Rub it in will you?! They are on the first season here, which I watch just to get my McDreamy fix, but I wish I could join you “live”. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Nelson

    Allison got me hooked on the show this summer. It’s amazing! The tension between the characters is played out perfectly in both writing and acting!
    I haven’t seen the finale to season 1 yet, but it’s coming next week…and I’m gearing up for an action-packed season 2! I may have to start blogging about Grey’s on the TV Addicts blog!

  3. mindi11

    hey kara, you know i’m right there with you! 🙂 one more night!!!

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