I am so unsmart sometimes….

So last night, my nose ring came out. I didn’t realize it until the evening when I was laying in bed. I freaked and Micah came to help me look for it and we couldn’t find it.
So this morning, I tried to get my ear ring in it (just so the hole wouldn’t close up) and I found it, but after I had almost made another hole right beside it.:) So, now I have a red dot on my face that looks like a zit!! Not too smart, however, I am going to go as soon as the mall opens and get another one so that I can put it in ASAP b.c I will be really mad if it closes up and I can’t get anything in it! I do NOT want to do it again……aagghh!! I’ll let you know how things go.
In other news, my dear friend, Kristin’s birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN! I love you. I hope you have a great day and have fun in Florida!!! Be safe.


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  1. Anonymous

    Love you, too!!!!! Glad you found that, Whew! K

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