26 weeks

My sister in law Stephanie and I are doing this whole week by week pregnancy thing together. This is NOT our child, but what it looks like at this time. I can’t believe I am starting my third trimester. God is so good to keep me busy, as this time has gone by fast thus far. Baby boy Laney will be here before we know it and I’ll be able to post his real picture.:)

And in other random news, I was cleaning out Haven’s room the other day and throwing out little frivelous things she doesn’t play with, little toys she gets at Sonic, ect. and she was in the garage (where we keep our trash can) telling Micah good bye and she notices in the trash all of her treasures that she now wants. So, Micah (already in his car) and I watch and laugh, as she digs through our trash, picking up her belongings, all the while saying ‘Mooommmyyyyy, these are mine, they don’t go in the trash’.:) It was a sight to see, watching our daughter dig through our trash can, pulling things out and loading them into her arms.


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  1. Steph

    So very sweet!!!! I love it

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