The Big Thang

So, I’m all about shopping, and our new Pinnacle Promenade Mall in Rogers is opening today. Oh yeah, and I’m all about eating these days, and they have a P.F. Chang’s that I hope to visit soon!! They have a lot of fun stores that our mall here in Fayetteville doesn’t have, so should be fun!!



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3 responses to “The Big Thang

  1. Nelson

    Allison and I are pretty stoked about the mall (and PF Chang) too.

    They also have a cool playground that will help the parents enjoy their shopping / dining experiences all the more.

  2. Kara

    I was wondering about that. I figured they would have one, and one that would be a bit better/bigger than the one we have in Fay. Hope Allison is feeling okay and not too miserable.

  3. Mirjam

    OK.. Now I am really bummed.. not only do you get to watch McDreamy, you get to go to P.F. Chang’s.. only my favorite place to go! Asian food here is really asian…. you need to acquire a “taste”! Lucky you!

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