Fire Girl and Birthday Girl

Haven had her first field trip today. She got to go to a local fire station and learn how to yell ‘HELP’ when there is a fire, ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ if you get fire on your clothes, ‘Oh, and mom, you can’t be in the closet or bathroom when there is a fire because then they can’t see or find you’. She also got to ride in the bus, which was a HUGE deal–she said there were a lot of bumps and that they had to sit ‘really still’ because there wasn’t seat belts. She had a great time.

My best friend and cousin’s birthday is today. I wish I could see her, but I know she’ll have a great day. I love you Erin and pray that this next year is full of blessings and provisions beyond your imagination!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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One response to “Fire Girl and Birthday Girl

  1. Erin

    Thanks babe! It was a great b-day! I totally was surprised by the party! Wish you guys could have been there! 🙂

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