Fall Leaves

Yesterday Haven learned about the leaves, and how they turn colors this time of the year and fall to the ground.
Haven: ‘Mom, guess what?!!!? When the leaves fall on the ground, you can put them all in a pile and jump in them. AND you can put water on them and jump in them with water!’
Me: ‘Isn’t that awesome Haven?? Your uncle Brian and I used to do that when we were little and we would throw them at each other’.
I could tell she was processing this new bit of information, but now she is looking for leaves at our house (that haven’t fallen yet) and wanting to put them in a pile.
It’s so amazing how I didn’t realize that that was something we had never talked about: the color of the leaves, ect.
I got to her school a bit early to pick her up yesterday and got to go in her class and ‘observe’. Everyone was so cute. I made it a point to scope out a certain little boy. His name is Ethan and one days she said
‘Mom, this boy in my class, Ethan, he’s my friend and he’s cute’. Of course I knew she wasn’t talking ‘romantically’ (at least I hope not) but he was so cute! Blonde spiky hair, very sweet. All the other little kids were sweet too and it was fun to see how they interacted together and with their teachers. I am so thankful for this school and for all that Haven is learning.


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