Copelands, Promenade, and Cookies

We had a great weekend, and are still continueing to enjoy it. Saturday, I had my first baby shower that my sister in law, Kelley, threw for me. It was fun and I enjoyed just chatting after opening some good presents. Then, we went to the new Promenade mall in Rogers, it was fun, but really cold, as it was OUTSIDE. We were going to eat at PF Changs, but it was a 2 1/2 hour wait (at 4:30) so we opted for Copeland’s after we left. It was SOOOO good! We only waited for 45 minutes….:) Baby L was so hungry by the time we actually got our food, but it was worth the wait.
Today, we stayed home from church b.c Haven had a yucky cough and Micah wasn’t feeling well either….it was a good day of rest. I made some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and am looking forward to eating some tonight with a hot cup of hot chocolate. I love this weather and this time of year, when baking is so much more fun!:)


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  1. mindi11

    sounds like a yummy day. i found a new hot chocolate that i love and i’ve been drinking a mug of it every night before bed. it’s a yummy sweet treat that i look foward to 🙂

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