This is the number of weeks I have left, at the most! Agghh! Today I have been cleaning like a maniac. (Haven is home today from school with a cough still) So, it’s been kind of fun to get a bit organized and ‘nest’ a bit. I haven’t done that much yet. I cleaned out drawers in the kitchen this morning, our infamous junk drawer, and our medicine drawer, which had meds from when Haven was a newborn. A bit scary, but it looks great now!!:) When Haven takes a nap, I will be doing our closet….now THAT will be a project. Haven/baby L’s closet is good to go and I have gotten some of his clothes washed and put in the dresser already. I can’t believe I will have another little one that can fit into those tiny clothes. Now all he needs is a name…….any suggestions would be great.
Off to lay down with Haven and rest and then clean the closet……



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5 responses to “Ten

  1. erin

    What about the name Henry? It goes well with David and it starts with an “H” to match Haven? Whatcha think?

  2. Kara

    I’ll check with Micah, but my guess is a big fat N-O.:)Thanks for the suggestion. I like it even if Micah doesn’t. Wonder what it means……
    How are you??

  3. Burkhalter Ministry

    Sounds like we are on the same nesting schedule- I mean organizing schedule.

  4. Micah

    Maybe if we pronounce it like that French soccer player – Ahn-ray.

  5. erin

    You can pronounce it however you want, Mee-caaah, but the rest of the world will probably just say Henry. 🙂

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