Mmmm, reminds me of a song. Anyway, yesterday was a good day. Haven and I went to work for a bit and then off to the DR. as posted below. We then went to eat at my favorite place, McAlister’s with Micah, which happens to be like 3 minutes away from the clinic. Then Haven and I went to a baby store, where I got a 76.00 credit for returning a diaper bag I didn’t plan to use. Not sure what I will buy, but I did get a little Razorback cap for the ‘boy’, who I hope will be able to wear it home from the hospital. We still have yet to get him a ‘going home’ outfit. After a few other errands, we came home and last night I finally, successfully outbid 8 other people on eBay and got a brand new, still in the box, CHI hair straightener. (a 160.00 value and I got it for 57.00) Quite exciting if you know how my hair is and how it doesn’t stay straight with my current straightener. (although I am very thankful for it too) So, my first attempt at buying off of eBay and I did pretty good. I think I could get used to this, plus it’s like a competition (and if you know me, I am SO there on the competiveness) to see how long you can wait to the very last second to get your bid in before someone else outbids you. I must admit, I tried and failed 4 times before, and it was literally down to the last few seconds. ANYWAY, quite fun to do, if not to just look on there and see what they have.



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5 responses to “Yesterday…

  1. Anonymous

    It reminds me of a song, too, sung in a Belarusian accent. *grin*

    Missy P

  2. Kara

    Agghhh!!!!!!!How did you find me???? How are you guys??

  3. Kara

    ….you almost made me cry….:)

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been checking in every now and then for a long time, but I’m terrible at leaving comments. I can’t remember how I first found out. Did you email me a long time ago? I can’t remember.

    We are doing great! We have 3 girls and a boy now. I’m homeschooling them. Will is an assistant principal at a high school. Life is good. I’ll try to send you a picture sometime.

    I’m excited about your baby!


  5. Kara

    I don’t have your email address anymore—we got a new hard drive in our computer awhile back…..ours is and you can email me….
    Maybe we can catch up better that way.

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