Laney Household Update

Micah got his two wisdom teeth out on Friday, and it made for a long weekend, but he is much better! He will get his other two pulled around the first of the year…..
Went for my 32 week check up on Monday, and things are ‘right on track’ and I am where I need to be.
Getting ready for Thanksgiving–we have one Sunday afternoon, and then one Wednesday evening, and another on Thanksgiving day. Should make for some good food and good times.
My last day of working is going to be December 8th. (my brother’s birthday–he’ll be 30!!) I am excited to be able to get everything ready, as NOTHING is ready yet.
We are going to repaint the room, get the bedding, which we still haven’t gotten, and get a stroller, so the sweet little baby has something to ride home in from the hospital…….
Other than that, not much going on. Micah did let me (or rather I just took the initative) to put up the Christmas tree Sunday afternoon. It was fun and I am so glad we did, so I can get it out of the way for one, and the other, just enjoy it longer before the baby gets here.
Haven has her first little Thanksgiving party at school on Tuesday. I will be sure and get some pictures. She is so excited and we have been talking a lot lately about being thankful and what that means. She is currently thankful for her Bapa G (my dad) making her a new bed! We have also talked about what it means ‘to have a thankful heart’. There is a veggie tales song that talks about ‘a thankful heart is a happy heart’ and that if you have a happy and thankful heart, you are less likely to be disrespectful to your mommy.:) Anyway, the joys of parenthood, I am learning right along with her.:)
Happy Thursday.
Oh, and the HOGS are #5—playing Mississippi State this weekend. Should be fun!!!


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