4 Thanksgiving Meals and the HOGS

We have had 4 Thanksgiving meals in the past week. I’m pretty much stuffed, not to mention the 3+ pound child in me that takes up a bit of room too!! But man, it was so good!!
Speaking of food, my aunt and cousin made us all reservations for PF Chang’s tonight, so I’m pretty excited. A light lunch and then chinese food here I come!!
The HOGS play today. Basketball at 11:00-ish and then the big LSU game at 1:30. Should be a sweet game. I have my Razorback shirt on today, which is rather tight, but hey, I gotta support the HOGS any way I can, wether it be a tight shirt (which is NOT maternity) or not.
Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy (which we weren’t, but whatever:)) good show as always last night. I actually got busy and realized it was 8:30, so I missed the first half, but the second was really good. Wonder what’s going to happen next????
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy the shopping today. I am working a bit and then will go home and watch the game. Not going to brave the crowds, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be great company at this stage of the game. (I get cranky anyway with too many people, chlostrophobia, ect. but especially being 8 months pregnant, not too good of a combination)



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