Dr. Masonisms

Okay, so I love my OB/GYN. (but not in that way) Anyway, at my appointment yesterday, I was by myself, which is always a bit weird, but not necessarily uncomfortable. There were several things he said that I told myself to make a note of, b.c they were so funny. I guess b.c we both have such a dry sense of humor, that I thought it was funny! (I guess if you aren’t pregnant, they might not seem as funny, so this might not make sense at all)

**’Well, you might want to be careful when it gets cold and slick, so you don’t fall. You have a hard enough time on dry, flat surfaces, much less when it’s slick and wet.’
**(I always mention my weight b.c I KNOW I totally gain more than normal each time I have an appt.) So when we get to the question part, he says ‘I know, you’re weight. Just make sure you’re eating healthy.’
**’Anymore questions for me? Okay then, (as he is opening the door) go forth and conquer’. (which for some reason, reminds me of ‘live long and prosper’)
**As I am walking past the little nurses station ‘I’ll see you in two weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts, b.c those 1-weekers will be here before you know it.’ FUUUNNN!

I truly am thankful for such a good, Christian doctor who is knowledgeable and truly cares. (when I had my 3 miscarriages, he called me at my house and asked if I needed anything, how I was doing, if I had questions, ect.–just not your typical DR.)

6 more weeks……


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  1. martha

    Can’t wait to meet the little guy. Does he have a name yet?

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