Haven Cherie Laney

This post is dedicated to my lovely daughter, who, is the wiggliest person I know while trying to take a nap. She honestly can’t stay still for more than a second. We laid down at 2:00 and she is still not asleep….
On that note, this morning, the first thing she said when she woke up was
‘Mom, so and so (named names) said I don’t know everything, but I do. Adults don’t, only kids, and God and Jesus.’
Then at nap time,
‘Mom, when I stretch, that means it’s time to get up from my nap.’
‘Mom, you’re my best friend, and I am my best friend….and Gage (our dog)…’ I had to cut her off or she would go on and on trying to stall.
After nap, ‘Haven, did you break that crayon in half on purpose?’
‘No, mom, it was an asscident, we all have asscidents mom’.
Oh, she’s so grown up…..or so she thinks.:)

I’m sure there’s more fun to come…….


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