Life is a Highway…

or something like that. I feel like that lately, being sleep deprived, forgetting things that I normally wouldn’t forget.
We are doing good though. Harbin is doing well with his schedule and his formula. (I felt that after a week of nursing, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand of Harbin and a 4-year old Haven:)) We are all much happier and enjoying feeding times a lot more these days.
Haven is enjoying school and we are enjoying her getting back into her routine as well. She is doing much better and adjusting better since Harbin has come. We are so THANKFUL!:) She is great with him and very gentle and sweet. She is so protective of him even now.
Micah has been a huge help. He goes back to work on Monday, his 29th birthday. I think he is excited to get back into the swing of things too and have conversations that don’t consist of poop, sleep schedules, ect. but I know it will be hard too, since he’s been gone since December 23rd.
I have included a few pictures since it’s been forever (it seems) since I have blogged and my cousin specifically requested more pictures, so here you go my Erin.



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2 responses to “Life is a Highway…

  1. erin

    By the way, in that pic, Harbin is crying because he misses his aunt erin! I’m crying because I miss him, too!

  2. Steph

    Those are soooooo Sweet. We’re having fun with Haven this weekend. She’s been so good.

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