My husband is kicking my tail in regards to posti…

My husband is kicking my tail in regards to posting lately. I guess since he’s been home, it’s been a bit easier. He is 29 today and got to stay home on his birthday b.c of the weather here. (ice last night and then snow a little today)HAPPY BIRTHDAY Micah–I love you!
Haven and I made him brownies and chocolate icing from scratch today. AND I was pretty proud of myself, I didn’t spaz when Haven made a mess with the sugar on the floor, the flour on her clothes and the constant licking of the spoon, bowl, ect. 🙂 It was quite fun.
Has anyone ever heard of ‘nesting’ after the baby is born? It seems I am obsessed with keeping the house cleaned, doing dishes, laundry, ect. which I never really have done. (to this extent-even right before he was born)
I feel like I always ‘have’ to stay busy–maybe b.c I’ll fall asleep if I don’t do something constantly. Or maybe b.c I am an ‘on-the-go’ kind of girl.:)
I joined Weight Watchers with my mom and aunt. We are actually going to the meetings together and so far (we just had our first one last Thursday) it’s been good. I have a ways to go, but I am going to try to enjoy it and make a ‘lifestyle’ change in my eating habits along with it.
Oh, and here’s the Harbster. He is getting quite big. We had to reschedule our appointment for him today b.c of the weather, so if anyone cares, I will try and post his stats, ect. after we see the DR. on Wednesday.
WOW, sorry for the long post, but felt I needed to update a bit, however, this is about as big as all my hubby’s posts combined from the past few weeks.:)


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  1. Suzy_q

    He is so beautiful!

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