That’s about how I feel right now with this whole blog thing….blah. Just the fact that every time I sit down to try and post something, nothing comes to me. I guess I could post my daily routine thus far:
holding Harbin
feeding Harbin
changing Harbin
telling Haven ‘no’
playing with Haven
walking with Harbin to calm him all the while vacuuming to soothe his crying
almost forgetting to close and lock the front door on our frenzied way out the door for school yesterday.
crying on Micah’s shoulder b.c of hormones and sleep deprivation
I must admit, I truly miss my husband being home, and not just b.c I love his company, but b.c he was a HUGE help to me. He truly is my other half…strength and a rock…just as Christ is for His body, Micah is to me as a husband. I LOVE YOU!!
I know this too shall pass, and I want to try and enjoy every minute of it, just seems like my life is a bit crazy lately and there isn’t much time to blog about it.:) But I will try and at least post new pictures every once in awhile.
His appointment went good and he is almost 8 pounds now, so he is eating well.:) Praise the Lord!


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    Thank you for your words. Everything you are going through will pass…but, oh when it does…you might miss it. I am so happy that YOU get to be with Harbin to tend to his every need vs. some daycare worker.:)Call me anytime to help you out with anything. I know that me, Steph, and probably everyone else is not only willing but would be delighted! Love you!

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