Sooooo, how’ve ya been?

I’m glad you asked.:) Life is getting a bit more routine in the Laney household. A bit more predictable and the adjustment is a little better too.
I have been thinking a lot lately about Harbin’s birth and what a true miracle he is, as is every child. But with our history, it was especially special to me. I can remember when they actually brought him out, and he started crying, and I started crying, just to hear his little voice, FINALLY, and to know that he was healthy and well. I cried and Micah cried a bit with me as the relief hit me. I had waited so long for him to be here, to have another child. I had prayed over the delivery and myself, and Micah beforehand, speaking promises and truth. It was amazing how He answered. There was such peace all the way leading up to his arrival. Although I was in pain from my incision, I felt great on my drugs and wasn’t sick at all, as I was with Haven.
Then as we left the hospital to go home, there was a full rainbow in the sky. It was beautiful and just a reminder of God’s promises… on that note, I miss being pregnant. Not to say that I am in any way considering having another at this moment, but I just miss it. I miss feeling him move around, wearing maternity clothes, everything that goes with it. (except heartburn and sleepless nights) But a dear, best friend of mine is expecting and I am so excited for her! AND my sister in law is, so I guess I can get my ‘pregnancy fix’ through them for now.:)
Haven is doing well. She got a progress report for her semester. (I didn’t realize they did this for pre-K, so it was quite a shock) but she got all ‘S’, which means satisfactory, so she is doing well and we are so proud of how she is growing into quite the young lady. I think she is growing up a bit and growing out of her little attitude phase, although, I feel with her personality, she will always have those days….
Harbin is good–growing and getting bigger too. At the moment, we are trying to decide weather to let him ‘cry it out’ during nap times, or wait until he is 3 months to do that. As of right now, it isn’t working too well. He cries for about 45 minutes and finally falls asleep, only to immediately wake back up again. I think maybe he is too young, but not too sure. Anyone reading this and has any advice, that would be great! I didn’t do it with Haven, and her nap times now are pretty much non-existent, but I think with her personality, it really wouldn’t have worked too well anyway. Who knows. But Harbin is such the little man and we are so proud of him. God is truly good and we pray that Harbin grows to become a bright warrior for the Lord.
Until next update, be blessed!



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8 responses to “Sooooo, how’ve ya been?

  1. Anonymous

    Well, he’s Cambron’s Karate Professor. Convenient or cliche, I don’t know…but, very interesting. He’s older, so its new territory. Cambron doesn’t know- so lets keep this under our hats:)

  2. Steph

    God is so good. I haven’t seen you in forever. We should get together for lunch, also I have this tape to let you borrow maybe you can learn the baby cries and be a pro when Roman is born. Hope to see you soon. Love you

  3. mindi11

    hey kara,
    on the cry it out thing, everything i’ve read (and experienced) says that he is probably too young. with both of the kids, i think i started letting them cry themselves to sleep after 6 months, when i KNEW they weren’t hungry or wet or hurting, just fussy.
    now, i do let ezra cry for a few minutes if i can’t get to him right away (which can be often with 3 kids), but i am sure he is too little to be spoiled by me picking him up quickly.
    my vote is to give him a little longer and just now instill in him the confidence and comfort that mommy will take care of him, no matter what.
    ultimately though, you will know what works best for you and your little guy. πŸ™‚ good luck, i know it can be frustrating sometimes.

  4. Anonymous

    hehehehe…yes, a good discount.

  5. Nelson

    Kara, what is your email now that you are not working? I have a few things to tell you about crying it out and how it worked with Brooklyn vs. Emma. I like what we did with Brooklyn much better.

  6. Anonymous

    I have some thoughts on crying too if you want to hear. Lucy was really fussy as a little baby and you really have to work with them for them to self-soothe. I bet he’s still a little too young. Call me or email if you want.

  7. mindi11

    hi again πŸ™‚
    going from 2 kids to 3 kids actually wasn’t as hard as going from 1 kid to 2 kids.

    at least with 3, the older two keep eachother occupied for most of the day (other than when they are fighting)

    it’s hard right now, just because the whole newborn schedule is hard, regardless of how many kids you have, but i am not as overwhelmed as i thought i would be.

    i hope you are well πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous

    This stage is just plain difficult. I discovered the tight swaddle with my second child- I learned from watching the baby whisperer on T.V. it totally worked with her. She was swaddled till 6 months. I know some people say that is bad, but hey it worked she didn’t startle in the night and it soothed her to sleep. It also worked with numerous fussy babies in the nursery. 5 “S”‘s suck, swaddle, shush, and I can’t remember the other two.

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