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A.I. Revisions

So, here is my revision, as promised, of the top five I will be picking. (note my hubby’s picks too)

1-Gina Glocksen

2-Chris Richardson

3-Chris Sligh

4-Melinda Doolittle

5-Blake Lewis

We shall see this week…………





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A.I. Updates

Okay, so, looks like Micah and I need to update our list. If any of you watched A.I. this past week, (we watched all 3 episodes on Friday night) not sure if you were surprised or not, but I for one picked Antonella AND Alaina to be off, and they both stayed. What’s up with that??????? They both stunk at singing, guess goes to show good looks do pay off for some………AND Micah and I both thought Sanjaya should’ve been gone, but no such luck, and my other guy I picked to be voted off, Sundance, is still in….please!!!! So, so far, not off to a good start. But, we’ll see. I did like what Simon had to say to Melinda Doolittle–that she was the total opposite of everyone—very humble, very genuine…made me cry.:)

I’ll post my updated picks for this week as soon as I get Harbin out of the baby carrier he is in. (that is on me) It’s hard to type with this thing on.

I know you are looking forward to reading my updated picks….so until then, try to hold your anticipation and just enjoy the rest of your Sunday until we meet again…….



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What a night

So, Micah and I have had somewhat of a sinus infection for a few days. Haven woke up at 2 this morning with a fever and the same thing. Harbin woke up at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. Made for a LONG night. Needless to say, today is ‘rest and movie day’ for all of us.

Hopefully we’ll have the weekend to rest and get over our yuckiness……………and me some sleep.


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It’s just hard sometimes….

I am easily finding out that with 2 kids, it’s just hard. Hard to adjust, hard to get time with Haven b.c I am holding Harbin. Hard to have patience when one is screaming and the other is not listening b.c she can’t hear or b.c she just doesn’t want to. It’s hard to get anything done when you get home after a car ride, and Harbin wakes up the minute you put him down in his carrier….much less if you put him down in his crib after holding him. It’s hard to get sleep when they wake up wanting food. AND it’s hard to wake up period in a good mood (wait that never happens–I am NOT a morning person, much less if I don’t get much sleep)

I love my kids, but sometimes, I feel like I am a grouch all the time and lose my patience. I hate that, especially when Haven doesn’t get a lot of ‘me’ time during the day. I try to make up for it at night and have Micah hang with Harbin while I hang with Haven.

I don’t mean to complain, I love my kids and they are true miracles, but sometimes, it’s just hard.

Lord, thank YOU for my sweet kids, please help me to have more patience and give me wisdom to know how to handle situations and to love on my kids unconditionally, even when I want to pull my hair out.

Lata…Harbin’s hungry.


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6 weeks

It’s hard to believe that sweet Harbin is almost 2 months old! He is starting to get his own personality, which has been fun! He is loving to smile lately and likes to look around to see where everything is at.

Harbin at 6 weeks


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Oh, it’s on…..

Okay, so Micah not only wants me to pick my top two, but the first one voted off, along with the top 5.

**Gina G.
**Chris S.
**Chris R.
**Jordin S.
**Amy K.

First voted off: Leslie H.

Not sure what the ‘prize’ will be for winning, but I’m sure it will be good. Oh, and Micah, it’s on!!!!


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American Idol

So, we everyone has their top two picked, right?? Well, of the 24 contestants, my picks are Gina Glocksen and Chris Sligh. We’ll see. Micah’s picks are Gina G. and Chris Robinson (aka Justin Timberlake) As it gets closer, I’m sure we’ll narrow it down to who we think is going to win it all…….oh, I can hardly contain my excitement…really.

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