Randomness part 30th trillion:
**I wish my car had keyless entry–with two kids, it’s retarded, not to mention a HUGE hassle, to unlock the car door with a carrier on one arm and your child’s hand on the other arm, making sure she doesn’t go anywhere before I get her in her seat. And then when you get out, I have to open the back door, get the kids out, and then lock the doors.It should be interesting with two kids when it rains….CRAP!!
**Micah made this stat counter thing so that we could tell how many people come to our site each day. But you know me, nothing is ever NOT a competition, so Micah makes it a habit to check each night and give me the status. He’s winning so far. Blah.
**I am actually drinking coffee while doing my ‘coffee with kara’ blog. YAY!:)
**The other day we were in the car at night and I asked Haven if she could see the moon. She said ‘Yes, and God and Jesus made the moon.’ I told her that was right, and then she said, as she pointed out the window on her right side ‘Jesus made this side, and God made that side (pointing to the left side of the car)’ I just wonder what goes through their heads.
**She’s into Jesus these days, b.c last night she was picking up her states puzzle (map of the US) and she said Jesus was helping her put them in the right place. However, she also blames Jesus sometimes too, like ‘Mommy, Jesus touched the button on Harbin’s bouncer, not me’.
**My 6-week post partum check up is next week. Pretty excited b.c that means I get to do a lot of things I haven’t been able to in awhile, like exercise, among other things.
**The other night, Harbin was fussy in the middle of the night, so I put him on his tummy on my chest, thinking it was gas, and layed down, trying to go back to sleep, hoping he would too. He spit up, a good deal, all over me, and it went down both sides of my neck-oh and I had a tank top on–so it felt great! (insert sarcastic tone)
**’Barnyard’ is pretty much the funniest kids movie out there. I could watch it with Haven all the time. (well sort of)If you haven’t seen it, you should whether you have kids or not.
**American Idol is starting to get REALLY good, since they actually start ‘singing’ in Hollywood next week. YAY! Does anyone else who watches it think Paula Abdul laugh is stinking annoying, as well as Paula Abdul herself…..
**Another new episode of Grey’s is on tonight. I’m quite excited, and I am probably the ONLY one who didn’t watch LOST last night. It just doesn’t interest me….oh well.
**If you like worship, check out this artist, Kari Jobe. She is AWESOME. Thanks Kelley for telling me about her.
Enough randomness for one day.



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2 responses to “Randomness

  1. Suzy_q

    Hey Kara. Oh yes, American Idol is getting good. I have just started watching it at our friends’ house…they DVR it. I am looking forward to seeing next week’s. I think the auditions are pretty funny! Really sad too. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for people, or to think “What in the heck were you thinking…getting on national television?” Being a vocal teacher, I can be kind of critical. It’s not a good thing.

  2. Suzy_q

    Oh yeah, have you seen “Open Season” yet? It is hilarious. I liked it a little better than “Barnyard”, but “Barnyard” was very funny too. Ashton Kutcher plays the dumb deer in “Open Season” and boy is he funny….and dumb!

    Did you stop drinking coffee when you were pregnant? I have to have my cup in the morning on my way to school. I have become highly addicted.

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