6 weeks

So, I’ve hit my 6-week mark. Went to my OB, well now my GYN, and I am now able to do whatever I want…had to do the ‘full monty’, as Dr. Mason called it (pap smear–which I didn’t realize I would have to have done today–blah). Too much fun. AND my new birth control is called YAZ….at least I have a cool, fun name for my pills….
Let the exercising begin.



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2 responses to “6 weeks

  1. erin

    Way to post your “area” information on the worldwide web!

  2. mindi11

    ugh, i can’t believe they did a pap so soon after the baby was born. i would totally not be prepared for that!

    my magazine holders are just cheap plastic ones from walmart…not cute, but they work for now 🙂

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