I must echo what Mindi said on her blog. Grey’s Anatomy last night was awesome. I pretty much sat glued for the hour. Now, what is going to happen to Meredith?? Hhmm, have to wait until next week. But, wow, it was amazingly good. Also, amazingly good, was American Idol. SWEET! I heard on the radio that the producers are trying to edit some of the shows to ‘tone Paula down’ as they have been having people think she is drunk, high, or other random things. I like to watch it, among other things, to see what she will say and do. She’s a bit weird at times, but it makes it all the more interesting to watch….
Have a great weekend–



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3 responses to “TV

  1. Nelson

    I agree! It was an excellent episode!

    I was absolutely captured by the opening of this episode. The cinematography was exquisite as was the poignant monologue that accompanied it.

  2. Suzy_q

    Okay, I was ticked at American Idol Wednesday night. I really wanted the cute little blonde from Texas (I think her name was Bailee) to make it. She was just with a crappy group. I also wanted the curly haired african american guy named Tommy to make it also….he was one of the last two guys to find out….they took that loud screamer guy with a horrible vocal tone over him. Sorry if you liked the screamer….me being a music teacher…I can be pretty critical. Anyways, I was pretty disgusted Wednesday night. I do like the white guy with the kinky curly hair with the great personality. I’m rooting for him.

    Hope ya’ll have a good weekend.

  3. Mindi

    i was annoyed with AI also. i agree with susan about Bailey and Tommy, and i also thought they should have taken the other girl too (remember in the end with the two girls, and they took the one who’s best friend left?) i thought they should have taken both of those girls.

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