Oh, it’s on…..

Okay, so Micah not only wants me to pick my top two, but the first one voted off, along with the top 5.

**Gina G.
**Chris S.
**Chris R.
**Jordin S.
**Amy K.

First voted off: Leslie H.

Not sure what the ‘prize’ will be for winning, but I’m sure it will be good. Oh, and Micah, it’s on!!!!



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2 responses to “Oh, it’s on…..

  1. Kelley Laney

    What is this new spot? What is wordpress? I want one.

  2. Kelley Laney

    And I ordered Kari Jobe’s CD…I’ll copy it when it comes in. Love you soooooo much. What are ya’ll doing tomorrow. I am off (the beauty of working at a bank) and Cambron is out of School. Maybe lunch at a kid friendly place? Like Mall McDonalds??

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