6 weeks

It’s hard to believe that sweet Harbin is almost 2 months old! He is starting to get his own personality, which has been fun! He is loving to smile lately and likes to look around to see where everything is at.

Harbin at 6 weeks



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4 responses to “6 weeks

  1. Kelley Laney

    Oh, my goodness. He really is getting cuter and cuter…ya’ll just don’t stop. Keep on, keepin on- you make such beautiful children!

  2. Wow How Cute!!!

    I also answered your question about comments on my site, but I thought I would post my answer on your site also!

    “Hey Kara, if you go into your dashboard, click on “Options” then click “Discussion”. There are options on that page that will let you have comments be published automatically without you having to moderate them. I hope that helps!!!

    PS I am still learning this system too, but so far, it is way better than Blogger!”

  3. i LOVE your new site! the colors are so great 🙂
    and that little boy is just delicious 🙂

  4. Suzy_q

    Hey Kara. I’ve never heard of wordpress. Cool. Maybe I can actually check it at school. I can check Mindi’s typepad at school and my mother-in-law’s squarespace, but I can’t leave comments at school. Weird.
    You’ll have to keep me updated on American Idol…our friends that we watch it with are going to be gone for work for almost a month. (we don’t have cable at our house). I get hooked and then they leave! Ha ha!
    Harbin looks precious! He has a great smile!

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