What a night

So, Micah and I have had somewhat of a sinus infection for a few days. Haven woke up at 2 this morning with a fever and the same thing. Harbin woke up at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. Made for a LONG night. Needless to say, today is ‘rest and movie day’ for all of us.

Hopefully we’ll have the weekend to rest and get over our yuckiness……………and me some sleep.



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2 responses to “What a night

  1. Suzy_q

    Sorry you’ve been sick! If I ever get sick I get a sinus infection. I hate those. It is supposed to rain all weekend so staying in and having movie night will be fun. Hope you get to feeling better. Oh, and no, I didn’t get to watch AI, but I am baby-sitting for a friend tomorrow and she left the episodes on her dvr, so I will watch them! Yay!

  2. Kelley Laney

    Hey, okay. I just went to the doc for the same thing and they said to take Mucenix and it will keep you from getting sicker and actually get you better. So, I have a little bit that I can drop off to you. It’s great stuff. Made me well.

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