A.I. Updates

Okay, so, looks like Micah and I need to update our list. If any of you watched A.I. this past week, (we watched all 3 episodes on Friday night) not sure if you were surprised or not, but I for one picked Antonella AND Alaina to be off, and they both stayed. What’s up with that??????? They both stunk at singing, guess goes to show good looks do pay off for some………AND Micah and I both thought Sanjaya should’ve been gone, but no such luck, and my other guy I picked to be voted off, Sundance, is still in….please!!!! So, so far, not off to a good start. But, we’ll see. I did like what Simon had to say to Melinda Doolittle–that she was the total opposite of everyone—very humble, very genuine…made me cry.:)

I’ll post my updated picks for this week as soon as I get Harbin out of the baby carrier he is in. (that is on me) It’s hard to type with this thing on.

I know you are looking forward to reading my updated picks….so until then, try to hold your anticipation and just enjoy the rest of your Sunday until we meet again…….




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3 responses to “A.I. Updates

  1. My biggest shock for the night was that the Indian She-Male kid was in the top 4 guys for the week! Seriously! That makes me lose faith in the American Public.

    My updates for AI are here:

  2. Suzy_q

    Okay Kara, we totally think alike! The two girls I wanted off were Antonella (big time…I can’t stand her voice or her attitude) and Alaina. The guys I thought should be off is definitely Sundance (he never should have made it this far in the first place) and I don’t know who else guys. My favorite in the girls for voices is Haley, but personality wise I like Jordin and LaKeesha. And you are right, Melinda’s maturity is far higher than anyone else’s on the show! She is in a different class.
    There’s my 2 cents! Glad I have somebody to give it to! 🙂

  3. i completely agree that antonella and alaine should be GONE. alaina shouldn’t have even made it to hollywood week, but dustin said it’s b/c she’s the prettiest one.

    i also want sundance gone but love sanjaya. i guess b/c he was so sweet with his sister and i did love his voice during auditions.

    love the dolittle girl and the girl that sang at the end (the one that sang the dreamgirls song) wow. she is amazing.

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