Havenisms part…I can’t remember

Here are a few more Havenisms

**Dad, I really wish I could see Jesus, but I just can’t**

**I want to have a picnic outside with Mia and Zachary and Jackson, and then I want Jesus to come over to my house**

**Mom, I’m soo sorry I pooped in my panties**(when I picked her up from school the other day)

As I picked her up yesterday, her teachers told me that during their ‘scissor time’ Haven cut her hair. (this is the second time.) Her hair is so uneven, I really think I might have to get it cut. I don’t want to, but it looks a bit weird………

We made a tent today and she is resting and watching a movie under it. Don’t know why I, as a parent, didn’t think of this before. My brother and I had TONS of fun with tents, and she is enjoying it too. WOW, what a concept.

In other news, we watched the guys last night (we are a day behind, so for those of you who do have cable and watch, do give away the good stuff) and I have decided Sanjaya is gone, as well as Nick Pedro. We’ll see. Sanjaya was the only one that stood out that was REALLY bad. Watching the girls tonight…..should be fun!!



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2 responses to “Havenisms part…I can’t remember

  1. Suzy_q

    Well, I just saw the results from last night. I would have to agree about everyone that got kicked off. But, there is still one girl that has not been kicked off yet and it is driving me crazy. I won’t say anything in case you haven’t watched it yet.

  2. i totally agree about the tent thing. my brother and sister and i used to make tents ALL the time, and i never did with the kids until i saw my brother in law make one for them. and they, of course, loved it. and it just made sense.
    haven is such a funny little girl. and funny little girls are the best. 🙂

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