Okay, what the CRAP! Just watched the A.I. with the votes. Really people, Antonella AND Sanjaya stay? Ugghh!!! Grrrr. I wish people would vote off people that can’t sing, not keep the ones that look good. Bleh.

Off to feed Harbin, but MAN, we have to listen to Sanjaya AND Antonella again next week. They better bring their ‘A’ game….


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One response to “Whaaattt???

  1. i KNOW. i was so shocked. dustin was out of town, but i recorded it for him and i know he is going to be so surprised.
    he couldn’t stand to watch nick pedro sing for some reason (although he thought he had a decent voice) so he won’t be too sad to see him go. and he will be happy that alaina is gone, so that he won’t have to hear me complain about her EVERY SINGLE SHOW. (seriously, i have been irritated with her from the beginning)
    and while i agree that the other two should have been voted off….NOT before Antonella.
    i felt so bad for sanjaya though. they made it seem like that short guy (can’t remember his name) was voted off b/c of sanjaya, which i just don’t agree with. you could tell sanjaya felt so bad, especially when everybody was hugging the guy that left and sanjaya just stood back and looked sad and awkward.

    i can’t believe i’ve never watched this show before. (i did watch part of season 2)

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