Me: Haven, don’t stick you letter ‘V’ sticker out the window when I’m driving, it will blow away.

Haven: I’m letting God and Jesus see it, but they’ll see it in a minute, they are eating dinner right now.

Haven: MOM, my sticker flew out the window.

Me: I’m sorry Haven, we’ll try to find another one at home.

Haven: That’s okay, God and Jesus will take care of it.




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3 responses to “Haven

  1. Allison Nelson

    I love how their minds work. So simple!

  2. Hi Kara! What a great blog – your kids are so beautiful. =) I am also a big American Idol fan – I’ve watched almost every single season since it started and now I’ve got my fiance into it. I really look forward to it – Tuesday is my favorite night of the week! My favorite is Blake, 1. Because he’s really talented and cool, and 2. Because he’s from Seattle like me! I was quite relieved when Antonella finally went home and totally shocked that Sabrina’s gone and Haley is still there (Mike and I call her “onesie girl” because she’s almost always wearing these 1-piece outfits!). Enjoy the show tonight!

  3. “Onesie Girl”… That is AWESOME, and I’m going to steal it and use it from now on. 🙂

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