Boy Stuff

So, this whole boy thing is new to me. Today, I was changing him while in the car (to clarify, I usually feed him in the car after I walk–less germs than feeding him inside somewhere and much more private and quiet. I  am usually waiting for Haven to get out of school as well) and it usually works out swell. Today, I was changing him on my lap, thinking he was done pooing, well, he wasn’t. I guess he strained a bit hard, b.c he was pooing and peed right in his face. Poor guy. Meanwhile, I had to have two diapers to trap the poop from getting all over my car. So, I was sitting there holding two diapers of his area waiting for him to be done, all the while him smiling up at me. It was sweet.:) So interesting, these boys.

Speaking of boys, my Steph is having a boy. We are SO excited to have Roman (who at first was Roman, and then they thought it was a girl, and it is now officially a boy again, hence Roman:)) Harbin is excited to have a cousin so close to his age (although he doesn’t know it yet) and I know Ro and Harbin will be best friends/cousins!:)


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