Harbin, Haven, and Bumbo

Yesterday was the first day we tried Harbin in his bumbo. It’s supposed to be for infants starting at 3 months, or when they can hold their head up by themselves. He did okay, but as you can tell, he doesn’t look too comfy just yet.:)

Harbin and Bumbo

Haven and Harbin
She loves Harbin so much!!





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3 responses to “Harbin, Haven, and Bumbo

  1. Rock on! I’m a huge fan of the lime green Bumbo!

  2. Suzy_q

    that first picture is so precious. I have never heard of a bumbo.
    I love the pic of the Razorback hat too. Harbin looks just like Haven. They are so beautiful.
    Have a good week!

  3. Megan

    I can’t believe what a big boy Harbin is!! Our blue bumbo sits in the closet awaiting the head-holding-up benchmark. Our doctor gave us much to be proud of when, at Cooper’s 3-day checkup, she said that he already has good head control:)–for a newborn, that is.

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