Life has been a bit crazy lately. Harbin is still struggling with allergies. It’s amazing how, because they are so young, they struggle so much more, and since he can’t blow his nose yet, we have been suctioning it out a lot. I never knew a 3 month old could have so much snot! He seems to be doing better and feels fine, so that is a blessing. I just haven’t slept well the past week b.c he wakes up with his nose stopped up quite a bit. Thus, my fascination with coffee the past few weeks. I even got a Starbucks tumbler to make it more convenient to take with me in the car. (I wanted to replace our matching tumblers we got when we were married 9 years ago…) Other than that, things are good. Harbin rolled over for the first time yesterday. CRAZY!!:)


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  1. Suzy_q

    I hate allergies. I have not struggled with them as much this year yet. I hope it doesn’t get worse. Sophie has been having a runny nose too.
    I am all about coffee too! Yummy. I had a Starbucks Java Chip frappucino two or three times last week.

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