God is so good to give us friends that pray for us, love us, encourage us, hold us accountable, and just have fun. I met with a group of Bible Study ladies that I am very close to, and I put a picture up here of another best friend I am close to that has also been influential in my life. God is so good to give us what we need at just the right time.

Kristin and me
Kristin and I
My Bible Study girls
Kristin M., Margo, Me, Sandra, and Mechelle
I would be a stinky best friend if I left out my cousin, and best friend Erin. She has been there since I was born and helped mold and shape me into the woman I am today. AND hopefully I can get a new picture of us together this weekend b.c this is the only one that I have on the computer…
Me and my best friend and cousin ER.



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2 responses to “Friends

  1. Erin

    Where’s a pic of your other best friend? Like, the one who’s been there since you were born? The one who helped mold and shape you into the woman you are today? Hmmm?

  2. Erin

    Much better! I’m glad you quoted me too on all that I have brought into your life! Aren’t you glad you have me! :)Hee! JK!

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