Ode to E.R.

Erin and Me

So, this is my cousin and best friend. E.R. was what I called her growing up. She truly is my best friend. Here are some random, yet important information.

*She is Haven and Harbin’s aunt.

*She is always an Arkansas fan, even though she lives in Oklahoma.

*She radiates Christ always and is fulfilling the calling He has on her life, no matter how difficult.

*She hates honey and beets.

*When she would stay with us during the day when we were little, we would always watch ‘Nadia’ (the TV version), Annie, and Pete’s Dragon all the time. We would pretend we were Nadia and Tayadora and do this funky gymnastic routine.

*She makes me laugh, for no reason.

*We get to go on vacations together and enjoy the great outdoors. (camping and the beach)

*We were in the car when we were younger and we were pretending like we were slapping each other, and she really slapped me.

*She does the best impression of the ‘Mary Lou Retton smile’.

* We lip synched to classic Amy Grant and Beach Boys and she would always get mad b.c I didn’t know the words and I acted like I did.:)

*She is the perfect example of mercy, compassion, and gentleness.

Erin, I am so excited to see where the Lord continues to take you and all the people you lead to Christ through the ministry He laid on your heart to live out. I love you so much and wish we were closer in miles, but it makes the times we do see each other that more special. Just wanted to take a little trip down memory lane and let you know, also, how very special you are to me.




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2 responses to “Ode to E.R.

  1. Erin

    That is SO precious! Thank you so much, baby! I love you too and love all our memories together! I’m so glad you are my best friend and partner in crime my whole life! Two things – 1. I’m sorry for slapping you! I still feel really bad about that. 2. I like honey now, but still hate beets and asparagus!


  2. Kelley Laney

    Kara- you look so fine in that picture…ouch!

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