Today, Haven went on a field trip, complete with a ride on the bus. The trip was to McDonald’s to celebrate summer birthdays and the upcoming end to the school year. I was able to go since I am no longer working…..needless to say, it was crazy…the moms that came were amazed at how the teachers do it (AND they teach on a volunteer basis….they are all so good w/ our kids) It was the one by the mall and they got there early enough that they were the only ones there. I think every kid that came in was a bit overwhelmed by the large group and left promptly.

k.3 students:16

k.4 students:22

Crammed in a McD’s play area:in-sane!!



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2 responses to “In-Sane

  1. busymizzee

    Hey! I really enjoyed get to look at the pics of the kids–they are just darling….

  2. Suzy_q

    I love to go into restaurants with a bus load of high school choir kids….the place sees us pulling up and you can tell they aren’t excited! I can’t imagine what it would be like with 40 little kids! Wild, I guess!

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