So, randomness strikes again. I am a newbie when it comes to Photoshop. Thus far, I have been able to do black and white pics, which I love, as you can see, as all my colored photos are now all in b & w. 🙂 Micah also showed me (which I now can’t remember, even though he just showed me 10 minutes ago) how to do part color/layer. Now, I just have to actually print these pictures out. Poor Harbin doesn’t have any pictures of him anywhere in the house b.c they are all online….

Sweet boy.
This one kind of makes me want to cry…he is just so sweet and happy and CUTE. (partial, I know:))

Sweet Centerpiece
Our sweet centerpiece for Memorial Day lunch.

Micah and I are going on a date tomorrow night to Bordino’s. We haven’t been there since our first anniversary, and we thought we’d try it again. So, I’m sure you’ll get another picture post of us two together hopefully.:)


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One response to “Randomness

  1. what a cutie!!!
    i am so jealous that you’re going to Bordino’s!! i LOVE it! definitely take pictures 🙂

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