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I will be taking a break from the blog world for a week or so……….


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I have been praying the past few days, more so than normal. I’m so glad that the Lord doesn’t care if it’s a small request or a big one, important, or seemingly, unimportant. But I have been praying for Harbin’s two teeth to come through. He has been especially fussy today. Not sure if his ear his all the way healed or not, but praying that that will be healed as well. His antibiotic goes to Sunday. Thank you Jesus that you know our hearts and our hurts….please help Harbin to start feeling better and for his little toothies to come through soon! Thank you that he is starting to sleep better at night!!

Another prayer, for my sister (in law) Stephanie. That her baby Roman will get here soon, healthy and safe. And for her delivery (which I am so excited to be a part of and count it a privilege)  to go smoothly and quickly. Any day now………….

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Another thing that made me smile today:

My best friend Kristin, and her boys (and baby girl Gray in her belly:)).

Gray Boys
Nathan, (baby girl Gray), Copeland, Zachary, and Jackson

I sure do love this girl. She is beautiful inside and out and we love her sweet family too. We are so blessed. Love you girl.

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Haven had her first swim lessons yesterday at the Walton Fitness Center in Bentonville. It was fun to watch her. One of hte main accomplishments in the 30 minute session, is when she jumped in the water by herself and got her full body under the water, even her head. She has never done that without floaties. She was so proud of herself.:)

I’ve kind of had a blah week, and Harbin has still been a little fussy from his ear infection/teething, and today Haven made me smile.

She said, while doing jumping jacks, ‘Mom, look, I can talk and do jumping jacks at the SAME time’. Something so simple but yet so sweet. Then she jumped up in my lap and told me she loved me.

I am hopefully I will be seeing a dear friend tomorrow. We used to work together at W.M. back in the day. I’ll try to get a picture……should be fun. She has a daughter that is a few months older than Haven and a son that is 2 1/2 or so.

Thank you Jesus for the little things that our children say to put a smile on our face.

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The Past Week

Here are a few things that have gone on this past week since my hubby has been out of town.

We went to Branson for some time with my dad on Father’s Day and then with my mom and the kids the rest of the week. We planned to stay until Wednesday, but left early b.c Harbin wasn’t feeling well. Turned out he has an ear infection. He didn’t sleep well at all and was pretty fussy. My mom and I couldn’t take it any more and needed some sleep. Here’s a pic of him in a happier moment.:)

Haven enjoyed her time swimming which was almost every minute of the time we were there. Here are some pics.

Besides the lack of sleep I am getting and my sweet husband gone, I guess we’re doing good. It seems like years since I have seen Micah, I guess b.c it’s been such a long week already. The highlight of my week so far has been that my mom got me a birthday cake from Rick’s. I have never had one and have ALWAYS wanted one b.c well, it’s Rick’s. Yep, today, I am the big 2-9. A bit crazy, as I don’t consider myself this age, but alas, I am. I am excited to eat a piece tonight after the kids go to bed if I can stay up past 8:00 to eat it.


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Havenism of the Day

Haven was on the couch for her nap today since Harbin was sleeping in his bed, which is in her room too. She really wanted a drink (a diversion to not sleeping) and kept asking. She finally was quiet for awhile. The she said

‘Mom, my teachers in K.3 said, if you don’t have water, or milk, or orange juice (the only thing she drinks) for a long time, then you’ll die’.

Me: ‘I think you’ll be okay until after your nap.’

Haven: ‘Then can I read the Bible?’ (hers was sitting on the table next to the couch)

Sheesh, THAT one almost worked, except she is supposed to be sleeping, not reading books…but I had to think about my answer first.:)


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Happy Father’s Day

Okay, so I realize it’s a bit early, but I will be out of town this weekend and probably most of next week with my mom. Micah is going to San Francisco Sunday morning and returns the following Friday. Speaking of my hubby, here he is in all his handsomeness with our beautiful kiddos.

Me and the kids

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