Harbin Overload

I don’t think I could ever get overloaded by Mr. Harbin (at least not at this stage in the game:)) but here are some pictures I had fun taking the past few days.

Having fun in his exersaucer.
In his exersaucer.

Sleepy Harbin
Sleepy Harbin looking like his uncle John Mark. (I think.)

Something out the window.
Excited about something out the window.

Having fun on the floor.
Having fun on the floor.



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5 responses to “Harbin Overload

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! He gets cuter and cuter every time I see him. You’ve got yourself a happy boy, it looks like. Aren’t boys wonderful? Your heart must be full to overflowing!

  2. steph

    How sweet is he. He’s always smiling. I think he look like JM in that pic too. Hope your having a good day

  3. Krista


    thanks for you comment! it was really encouraging and sweet. it has been really hard here lately, but i am trusting in the Lord.

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