Havenism of the Day

Haven was on the couch for her nap today since Harbin was sleeping in his bed, which is in her room too. She really wanted a drink (a diversion to not sleeping) and kept asking. She finally was quiet for awhile. The she said

‘Mom, my teachers in K.3 said, if you don’t have water, or milk, or orange juice (the only thing she drinks) for a long time, then you’ll die’.

Me: ‘I think you’ll be okay until after your nap.’

Haven: ‘Then can I read the Bible?’ (hers was sitting on the table next to the couch)

Sheesh, THAT one almost worked, except she is supposed to be sleeping, not reading books…but I had to think about my answer first.:)



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3 responses to “Havenism of the Day

  1. haven’s so smart.
    annabelle is a tough cookie too. her favorite (after the water/potty/play with ezra usuals) is, “mama, will you come pray for me?”
    because seriously, who is going to say no to that?

    such a stinker.

  2. To answer your comments: there is a shelter in Mena called For the Sake of Animals. I saw our dog’s pic on the website petfinder.com

    I don’t think I posted a comment on your blog that you deleted, but if so no worries.

    your daughter is stinking hilarious!

    I think it’s great that maybe we’ll all be able to get together soon.

  3. oh, and don’t worry about missing my call. I totally understand screening calls, especially with a little baby around.

    Talk to ya soon

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