The Past Week

Here are a few things that have gone on this past week since my hubby has been out of town.

We went to Branson for some time with my dad on Father’s Day and then with my mom and the kids the rest of the week. We planned to stay until Wednesday, but left early b.c Harbin wasn’t feeling well. Turned out he has an ear infection. He didn’t sleep well at all and was pretty fussy. My mom and I couldn’t take it any more and needed some sleep. Here’s a pic of him in a happier moment.:)

Haven enjoyed her time swimming which was almost every minute of the time we were there. Here are some pics.

Besides the lack of sleep I am getting and my sweet husband gone, I guess we’re doing good. It seems like years since I have seen Micah, I guess b.c it’s been such a long week already. The highlight of my week so far has been that my mom got me a birthday cake from Rick’s. I have never had one and have ALWAYS wanted one b.c well, it’s Rick’s. Yep, today, I am the big 2-9. A bit crazy, as I don’t consider myself this age, but alas, I am. I am excited to eat a piece tonight after the kids go to bed if I can stay up past 8:00 to eat it.



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5 responses to “The Past Week

  1. Suzyq


    I will be 29 my next birthday too!

    What is Rick’s? A really nice bakery?

    I love Branson! What did ya’ll do there? We are supposed to go next month (if all works out).

    Happy birthday again! Have a great day! Hope your husband comes back soon!

  2. happy birthday kara!!
    i’m so jealous of your Rick’s birthday cake!! it looks so cute…and yummy and delicious.

  3. Krista

    happy birthday kara! hope you enjoyed your cake!
    thanks for the comments. i think you are the only one who reads my blog. 🙂 well, you have to start somewhere… anyway, have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Is Harbin feeling better? Stinky ol’ ear infections! I hate ’em!! Jordan is half way through her 20 day antibiotic for her double ear infection and still having pain with it. Sleeping better though, praise God! I’ll be praying for you all!

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