Haven had her first swim lessons yesterday at the Walton Fitness Center in Bentonville. It was fun to watch her. One of hte main accomplishments in the 30 minute session, is when she jumped in the water by herself and got her full body under the water, even her head. She has never done that without floaties. She was so proud of herself.:)

I’ve kind of had a blah week, and Harbin has still been a little fussy from his ear infection/teething, and today Haven made me smile.

She said, while doing jumping jacks, ‘Mom, look, I can talk and do jumping jacks at the SAME time’. Something so simple but yet so sweet. Then she jumped up in my lap and told me she loved me.

I am hopefully I will be seeing a dear friend tomorrow. We used to work together at W.M. back in the day. I’ll try to get a picture……should be fun. She has a daughter that is a few months older than Haven and a son that is 2 1/2 or so.

Thank you Jesus for the little things that our children say to put a smile on our face.


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