So, I find myself not knowing what to write for once. The Lord is taking me through a different season in my life and it’s one of the hardest I have had to go through. And it’s only the beginning. I know it will be a time of growing, processing, learning, and hard stuff, but I know the Lord is faithful and sovereign. I’m excited to change and grow, but scared to death at the same time. I think there will be a lot of things I will learn (and am learning) about myself that I didn’t know were there, and some things I did know, but have laid dormant inside and are waiting to come out.

So, prayers are coveted. I am not sure how often I will be writing during this season, but I will do my best, as I do enjoy it and hopefully I encourage you through the process.




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4 responses to “Seasons.

  1. martha

    Good to see you too. Sorry I was a little maxed. We were on our way to the “little potty” in the family restroom, which meant we had to walk across the whole mall at a three year old pace.

    I pray the Lord will meet you where you are. Remember his strength is made perfect in our weakness. He loves you in your weakest hour. And his love never fails.

  2. I too find myself at a crossroads. I’m not sure what the Lord has for me, but I feel peace about it regardless of the direction He chooses. We have found a church home and I find myself hoping for Sundays now. I haven’t been this excited about going to church. . .ever, I don’t think.

    You have been a blessing to me as I’ve read your posts over the last few months. Thank you for your witness. I pray that the Lord will hold you in the palm of His hand as He leads you through this new season.

  3. Kristin

    Love you, girl. Whatever it is, God is working to perfect you for His will and His pleasure. You will come through refined. Hang in there and know you are loved and being prayed for. Kristin

  4. Kristin

    Oh man, did I miss your birthday?! I am so, so sorry!!!!!!! Will you ever forgive me? You are such a blessing. Love, Kristin

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