We had fun taking pictures today. Haven wanted to take a picture of Harbin and me, and she did quite a good job. It was fun being silly.

Dad, we hope you get to feeling better and Haven and I prayed for your knees today. We love you.

Being Silly.
Being Silly.


Harbin and mommy
Harbin and mommy.

Mr. Micah.
At the window.

Little Man.
My all time favorite…thus far….



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  1. Stephanie

    Those are great. I love them!!! You’re right the last one of Harbin is awesome. He is such a little man. He’s grown a lot since I saw him last. Have a good day. Love ya

  2. Such precious kids! These pictures are really great! And I’m a big fan of that last pic of Harbin, too….window-lit kids faces are the best!

  3. Of course I remember you! Thanks for leaving a comment! Your children are beautiful! I love your pics- you’re a great photographer. I’m adding you to my favorites.

  4. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, those are awesome pictures, Kara!

  5. Your kids are so gorgeous! How have you been??

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