The New Hair

So, it’s not drastic, which I am thankful for, little by little.:) But here she is. I think she looks like her Aunt Mary a bit.

New Hair Cut

Mary Look-Alike



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9 responses to “The New Hair

  1. She has the cutest smile!! You just want to pinch her lil’ cheeks! : )

  2. Oh my word, she is so pretty and so grown up!

  3. Erin

    She is absolutely beautiful!! I can’t get over it! I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!

  4. Stephanie

    Very cute!!!!

  5. Sarah

    Oh I love it!

  6. She absolutely precious!

  7. Kelley Laney

    Oh my goodness!!!! How cute!!! She’s just beautiful. I miss her…I miss you guys. Sunday I might ask you guys if I can take her and Cambron out and about for a little fun…

  8. she looks beautiful!

    kara, that shirt is a (red) shirt from GAP. they are on sale right now, we got that one “admi(red)” for $6.99 and one for Julian that says “inc(red)ible” for $9.99. it’s SO soft, i just love it.

    the hat, is kinda silly, but we got it for julian when he was about 2. his head was way too big for baby hats, so i went to the big boy section and got a cheap 97 cent hat from walmart. ezra has the same “big head gene”, so it fits him pretty easily if i roll it up. 🙂

    hope that helps!

  9. Kristin

    She looks adorable!! Love, Kristin

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